The Story of Ashley Revell

This is the amazing story of London resident Ashley Revell, who one day decided to play a double or nothing game in the roulette. He took his entire life savings, $135,000, to the casino and placed a bet.

One bet on one spin of the wheel. He bet on red. Thousands of people held their breath as they watched him (on Sky One by the way) place his bet. The ball turned, and then turned again, and again, until it finally landed on 7! Red! Ashley Revell won. He doubled his bet and left the casino with $270,000.

After his amazing win he told CNN that he had planned on betting the black not the red, but had changed his mind at the last moment. He used his winnings to open an online poker room - Poker United. It is unknown if Ashley Revell visited the casino ever since.

You can watch his bet here.

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