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Online live casino has revolutionised internet gambling without a shadow of a doubt. Using modern methods of technology it allows players to enjoy a realistic casino environment whilst playing from the comfort of their own home.

Roulette is all about the tension as the wheel spins and as you wait to see what the ball lands on. As the game was introduced online it seemed to lack the atmosphere and intensity on the computer screen that it had at the casinos. Some players found it harder to get the same thrill when they saw a computer generated image of a ball spinning on a wheel.

The inception of live dealer casino and live Roulette online have allowed players to now experience the same thrill that they experience in the regular casinos. The web cam not only allows the player to see the wheel spinning in front of them but it also allows them to interact with the dealer and the other players at the table. It offers the total experience from the luxury of the player's own home.

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When Roulette first hit the online domain, there were a few sceptics who were wondering if it was the same because a computer generated game might be random but it is still technically pre-determined. Well, now it is quite obvious that even if online Roulette is not without faults, it is still one of the most popular games on the internet. The emergence of Live Roulette has contributed even further to players' love for the game and is making it more popular than ever on the internet.

As already mentioned, the interaction between the dealer and other players it offers has also transformed the way gambling is done online. If players want a more private experience then there is the chance to enjoy this but if players want the chat and banter of the tables then the live games can help them enjoy that.

Live Roulette is just the latest stage in the online gambling evolution. Players are able to enjoy not only a larger selection of games than ever before but they can also choose how they wish to enjoy that gaming experience. Gambling software manufacturers are always looking at new ways to bring the casino experience into the players' homes and the introduction of live dealer Roulette is only the latest phase. Rest assured, it will not be long before the manufacturers step up to the next stage and online gaming evolves to the next level.

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