Roulette Strategies


Throughout the history of Roulette, many strategies, or systems, as they are often called, have been developed for the game. Roulette systems and methods are varied, but all aim for the same goal - beating the house (the casino). This article will outline the major, most famous strategies, their basic rules and structure. But while reading it through you must bare in mind, that Roulette, by definition is a game of chance, not skill, that winning numbers are random and that all in all, the house always has the edge. Still, learning the strategies may be interesting for the aspiring players.


This is the most famous strategy of them all. The basic principle of Martingale system stipulates that after every loss player should double his betting amount, so that when he finally wins, he will recover all loses.
The Martingale strategy is based on the thesis that the player posses an infinite wealth and can raise the betting amount indefinitely, until he wins. Two major problems undermine this thesis and whole strategy. First, most players don't posses infinite wealth and will eventually fold. Second, most casinos impose a minimum and maximum bet limit for every spin, thus withholding any possibility of executing the strategy, even by players with infinite wealth.


Labouche're system, which is some times referred to as the split Martingale is more complicated and harder to understand. It is used in even money bets (black/red, even/odd etc).
According to Labouche're the player has to set his desired winning amount in advance. Then he should split it into a list of positive numbers.
The betting amount in each round is the sum of the first and last numbers in the list.
If the player wins the round, he removes the two numbers; if he loses he adds the amount lost to the end of the list.
Betting is halted when the player won the desired amount or when he runs out of money.


The D'Alembert system, also called Pyramid, uses units in its strategy. It stipulates that the betting amount should be split into units. With every lose the player should add a unit to his betting amount and with every win, he should decrease the betting amount by one unit.
This strategy is used mostly in even money bets.

We brought you three of the most famous Roulette systems, but many more exist. Even today, when it is quite clear that it is basically impossible to guarantee winning the game, new strategies are invented and spread via the internet.
Players, who developed various strategies, publish their stories and promise reassurance. All we can suggest is that before you use any strategy, whether new or established, just make sure you fully understand it and its implications.

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