Roulette Rules

The Game

The game is quite simple. Players bet on a number, a combination of numbers and/or on a color. The game includes 36 numbers 1-36. European Roulette also includes a 0. American Roulette includes a 00 as well. Half of the numbers are marked red, the other half black. The 0, 00 pockets are marked green. All numbers and matching colors are marked on the Roulette table, also called the "layout" and the Roulette wheel. The result of the bet is determined by the location of the ball, thrown to the wheel by the croupier, finally resting in pockets, marked by the combination of a color and a number. Players can place their bets until the croupier announces "no more bets". Many casinos impose a minimum and maximum bet limit for every spin, so before you play on any table, make sure you understand its limits.

Betting structure

Players have various betting alternatives. Choice of betting alternatives depends on the person's risk aversion, as some of the alternatives will provide a high-risk-high reward ratio, while others will allow for a low-risk-low-reward ratio.

For example, placing a bet on a single number, a straight up bet, will pay 1-35. This means that if the ball falls in the number chosen, the player will win 35 times his bet. However odds for such a scenario are 1-37 in European Roulette and 1-38 in American roulette. Betting on a color will pay 1-1. This means that if the ball falls in the color chosen, the player will win exactly the amount he bet. The odds for such a scenario are 1-11.

Players can bet via an outside bet or an inside bet. In an inside bet the player places the bet on the actual numbers on the table. In an outside bet the player places his bet on predetermined betting alternatives, appearing in the outer part of the table.

Here is the full list of betting alternatives, along with the payout and odds for winning (European Roulette):

Inside Bets

Straight up: betting on a single number. Payout is 1-35, odds 1-37.

Split: betting on two neighboring numbers. Payout is 1-17, odds 1-18.

Street: betting on three horizontally neighboring numbers. Payout is 1-11. odds 1- 11.667

Corner: betting on four neighboring numbers. Payout is 1-8. odds 1-8.5.

Line: betting on six numbers, placed in any neighboring rows. Payout is 1-5, odds are 1-5.33.

Outside Bets

Columns: betting on 12 numbers placed in any of the columns. Payout is 1-2, odds are 1-2.167.

Dozens: betting on 12 numbers, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. Payout is 1-2, odds are 1-2.167.

Street: 1-18, 19-36.

Odd/even: betting on 18 odd or even numbers. Payout is 1-1, odds are 1-1.111.

Red/black: betting on 18 red or black numbers. Payout is 1-1, odds are 1-1.111.

Sounds complicated? Go through the list while looking at the Roulette table. Things will look much easier. Start playing our free Roulette and you will learn the betting structure in no time.

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